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Web Hosting

Web HostingReliable and Affordable hosting offers you peace of mind in knowing that your website is stored on a stable, high-capacity, Linux-based server.

Starting at $15 per month, can provide you with the storage space you need, an FTP account, MySQL databases and e-mail.

Why Use a Linux Server?

Linux servers have many advantages – they’re stable, flexible and there is a great open-source community. This community provides tons of great software, many of them for free! Some of these applications are among the most widely used on the internet. For example, check out blogging software WordPress and online bulletin board application phpBB.

Why Not Windows?

Well, it’s not as though a Windows server is bad. It’s sort of like comparing apples to oranges. But, generally speaking (there are always exceptions) software for Windows servers is a bit more expensive and sometimes your options are limited. Windows is a great platform for large corporations, but for most small and medium-sized businesses, a Linux hosting account will get the job done at a cheaper price.

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