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Freelancer Designers/Developers Wanted

On occasion, relies on knowledgeable and dependable freelance web designers and developers to help out with various projects. It’s by no means full-time employment, just occasional freelance projects.

The type of projects available can run the gamut of updating an old static HTML site to PSD to WordPress theme conversion. Most of the work would involve WordPress, however.

While your technical skills are important (see below), above all your character has to be up to snuff. The ability to meet deadlines is essential in this business. Nobody’s perfect (I know I’m not!), but your honesty regarding the ability to get a project finished on time is greatly appreciated.

The ideal candidate would have experience in:

  • WordPress (duh!) – Creating themes using the WP StartBox framework (it’s easy to pick up), knowledge of custom post types, maintenance and upgrades.
  • CSS 3 – Creating browser and standards compliant code.
  • Photoshop or other image editing software.

While not required, it sure would be nice if you knew:

  • PHP – At least enough to customize a WordPress theme.
  • jQuery – Implementation and customization of plugins.
  • MySQL – Ability to troubleshoot a database and make necessary changes.

Interested? Please fill out the form below:

  • A Little About You

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself, your expertise, URLs of your work and anything else you think is relevant. Even musical taste is acceptable 🙂