New Book Offers Social Media Tips

A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Social Media
In a special offer to clients and readers, A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Social Media is available for purchase online in either PDF or Printed format.
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Social media can at times seem a bit overwhelming for business owners. There are so many services which vary in their demographics and usefulness. Then there is the issue of content. Just what are you supposed to do with that 140 character limit on Twitter, anyway?

Those are just a few of the topics covered by social media maven Rachel Strella in A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Social Media.

“I’ve seen countless small businesses fail to find their footing with social media simply because they don’t understand how it works or treat it like any other marketing they do.”, Strella recalls.

Indeed, social media is a whole other ballgame. Strella notes that companies can sometimes fail to realize that, unlike traditional marketing, social media is a two-way conversation between company and consumers.

She notes, “For businesses that have relied heavily on traditional media to market their products or services, this may be an area where they find themselves charting new territory. Traditional media is a one-way communication to the audience. Social media is a conversation with the audience. This shifts the power from the marketing outlet to the consumer, which is both a scary and unfamiliar new place.”

A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Social Media is an 84 page book available either in PDF or printed format. It’s written to help businesses develop and execute their own social media strategy. Each of its five “modules” provide theory, examples and even exercises business owners can use to hone their skills.

As for what the business community should take from the book, Strella states that “Businesses don’t have to be everywhere. Rather, be active on the social media channels that give them the biggest return on their time investment. This will help in targeting their audience and relieve any feeling of overwhelm. The guide will walk them step-by-step through this process.”

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