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Custom WordPress Development

WordPressWhat is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source, Content Management System (CMS) that runs your website.  The software is quite powerful in that it can enable your website to become truly interactive.  It’s also flexible, meaning that virtually any look and layout can be achieved.

What’s more, it’s user-friendly.  It provides an easy way to update the content on your website, 24/7.  All you need is a computer or mobile device.

Who Uses WordPress?

In short – a whole lot of people.  In fact, WordPress currently powers over 14% of all websites.

It’s Free? How Good Can it Be?

One of the more interesting aspects of WordPress is that, aside from its fantastic price, the software is used by anyone from small time bloggers to Fortune 500 companies.  Quite frankly, it’s a great solution for just about any type of website because there are so many ways to customize it.

How Does it Make my Site Interactive?

WordPress plugins make it possible.  Plugins are extra pieces of software (they’re often free of charge) that add additional functionality to WordPress.  There are thousands of plugins available.  They can do things like add bulletin boards, shopping carts, polls/surveys, social networking, custom forms, etc.  If there is a feature you want on your website, chances are there is a WordPress plugin that can make it happen.

How Much Do You Charge to Design a WordPress-Powered Website?

That depends on the scope of your project.  Generally speaking, developing a website using any CMS (WordPress or not) will cost a little bit more up front.  Customizing the software takes some time.  For those of you who want to update the website yourself, you’ll end up saving money in the long term since you won’t pay any update fees.

How Hard is it to Update my Website?

Editing or adding text, photos or even entire sections of your website are quite easy with WordPress.  The types of updates you make to the website really depend on your comfort level.  I have some clients who update everything themselves, while others feel more comfortable making basic changes.

Do I Have to Update the Website Myself?

Not at all.  The ability to update your own website is a feature of WordPress, but it’s not a requirement.  I am more than happy to handle the update duties.

Are You Able to Convert my Current Website to Run on WordPress?

In most cases, yes.  If you’re happy with the current design of your website, I can convert it into a WordPress site.

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  • WordPress Training

    More of a Visual Learner?

    WordPress Training Videos
    Manuals are nice, but not always the best way to learn an interactive technology like WordPress. That's why clients receive complimentary access to a whole library of WordPress training videos!

    Need More Customized Training?

    One-on-one WordPress Training
    I now offer premium custom video tutorials to help guide you through the process of updating your WordPress powered website. These tutorials really are customized for your website and can be a great way to learn.

    I am also available for one-on-one training and offer phone support. Please contact me for more info.