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My Background

Eric Karkovack

I started out as a professional web designer in June 1996 after graduating from high school. I was hired by my local newspaper and learned a whole lot about the importance of timeliness – both in keeping a news-oriented website updated and in customer service.

After my time with the newspaper, I had stints with a few local startups in a variety of roles.  That led to launching Eric Karkovack Web Design Services in 1999.

I started my own business because I have a real passion for what I do. I realized early on in my career that I wasn’t just hanging around until something better came along. Design and technology continue to fascinate me. Working with a wide variety of businesses, helping them understand what the web can do for them – that’s still very cool in my book.

Sharing Knowledge and Ideas

Long before I even knew what web design was, I had a passion for writing. Thankfully, my time as a designer has afforded me the chance to write on a regular basis.

For Consumers and Business Owners
With my blog, I’m able to help educate consumers on web technologies that are worth their time and ones to avoid. I cover topics that I believe will help business owners make smart decisions when it comes to their websites.

For Web Pros
Your Guide to Becoming a Freelance Web Designer
In recent years, I’ve also been writing with other web professionals in mind. I occasionally write about both business and technical matters for Speckyboy Design Magazine. It has been a great experience and allows me to connect with other professionals from around the globe.

I’m also a writer at Envato Market Blog, where my focus is helping folks learn more about WordPress.

In the summer of 2013, I released my first eBook, Your Guide to Becoming a Freelance Web Designer. The book gives advice to those who are interested in starting their own business and provides tips to those already working on their own.

Media Mentions

I’ve been fortunate enough to be mentioned by media several times in my career. Here’s a sampling:

citizen_marketers_coverMany of the links above refer to my interview in the 2006 book, Citizen Marketers, by Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba.

The book was published just as social media started to take the world by storm. It provides in-depth examples of how dedicated consumers/fans/activists are promoting the things they love online – sometimes better than the official marketing for the brands themselves.

It was an honor to be a part of the book!