Top Ten Things Your Web Designer Probably Can’t Help You With

Way back when I first started out my career, most computers were absolute junk. Whether you were into Windows (both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95) or Mac, chances are the thing had more crashes than an Insurance Institute testing lab. And, as someone who worked with computers a lot, it was only natural that I would get asked technical questions or just to provide general support.

Truthfully, I enjoyed helping. It was beyond the scope of being a web designer. But, back in the 90s, this technology was so new for everyone. A lot of folks were just learning how to use a computer and the internet. So it kind of came with the territory.

The reason I’m telling you this is because sometimes there is a bit of a misconception about web designers in general. I’m often mistaken for an IT expert, and unfortunately that’s far from the case!

It’s not that I don’t know anything at all about IT issues, but it is certainly not something I deal with on a daily basis. Before I had my own business, I worked in a standard corporate environment full of networks, etc. That was 15 years ago – yikes!

So, I speak from experience (and with my tongue-in-cheek) when I provide the following list of the…

Top Ten Things Your Web Designer Probably Can’t Help You With:

  1. Network connectivity problems
  2. Setting up your mobile device (importing contacts, etc.)
  3. Providing support for software we don’t personally use
  4. Hardware installation or troubleshooting (I’ve been asked!)
  5. Stealing copyrighted images (again, I’ve been asked)
  6. Giving legal advice, unless you run into that rare lawyer/web designer combination
  7. Creating a business plan
  8. Settle arguments with colleagues (amazingly, yes, I’ve been asked)
  9. Resolving a Blue Screen of Death
  10. Installing a wireless router

Goodnight everybody, I’ll be here all week! Seriously, though – I don’t mind helping out with any sort of technical question you may have. Just don’t expect miracles 😉

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