WP Product Writeup: A Content Service for WordPress Product Makers

Promoting a WordPress product is challenging. You want people to know how great your theme, plugin, or SaaS is. But you have to explain it in terms they can understand. Communication is key.

WordPress product makers often struggle in this area. They may use technical jargon that confuses potential customers. Or their content is too complex for a quick read.

Customers need to know what your product is all about. What does it do? And what can it do for them? You’ll have to convince them in a hurry.

I’ve been working with and writing about WordPress for over a decade. And I’ve seen examples of products that struggle with communication. I believe I can help.

A New Service for WordPress Plugins, Themes, and Services

I started WP Product Writeup to help you spread the word. This new service offers quality, white-label content for WordPress product makers.

I’ll work with you to simplify your messaging. Together, we’ll introduce customers to your product.

You’ll receive an article that can be published anywhere. Post it on your website’s blog or as “advertorial” content on another site.

I’ve also teamed up with The WP Minute. We’ve created a package that offers instant access to their audience of WordPress professionals. I write the content. The WP Minute publishes it. Your product gets exposure.

Sound interesting? Check out the WP Product Writeup website for more info!

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