Speeding Up Your WordPress Website

Anyone who knows me or is a frequent reader of this blog knows about my giant man-crush on WordPress. Most of my day is spent either working with the software or espousing the wonders it can bring to your website.

Sometimes, though, WordPress can run a bit slowly. Often times this is because most web hosts aren’t really fine-tuned to the demands WordPress puts on a server. This can be especially true of busy sites with a lot of plugins running.

The Solution

A fairly easy solution to a slow WordPress website is to couple it up with a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

What Does a CDN do?

A CDN is essentially a service that stores many of your website’s most bandwidth-intensive files (think audio, video & images) on an ultra-fast network of cloud servers. Think of it as having a few hulking friends to help you move to another house.

Sure, you can move everything yourself. But you’ll get the job done a lot more efficiently with the help of a team of strongmen doing the heavy lifting.

Like that team of muscle men (or women), a CDN takes quite a load off of your website and frees it to more efficiently handle other tasks. Meanwhile, your website can see a marked improvement in performance.

How Much Does It Cost?

There really are plans for every budget. A small to medium website can cost as little as $39.95 per year. That includes up to 1 terabyte of bandwidth! Way more than most sites will ever use in a year. Need more bandwidth? Additional data can be purchased at a reasonable rate.

Where Do I Get It?

I am a current customer of a service called MaxCDN. I’ve found their service is reliable and my site has never been faster. Plus, their live tech support is extremely quick to answer questions. They are used by both small business and large corporations alike.

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Get 25% Off!

As a member of MaxCDN’s affiliate program, I can offer a 25% off coupon on your first year of service. They even offer a 30 day money back guarantee. To get the discount, just click on the link below:

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Need Help Setting Up?

If you’d prefer someone else to setup your WordPress website with MaxCDN, please contact me for more information.



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